Keeping Safe While Doing Manual Labour

For those who toil in manual labour, the biggest problem is making sure that you survive the day in one piece. You are either working with some huge machines that are capable of death or great personal injury or working in conditions that are not always entirely copacetic to a generally pleasant afternoon. Thus it is important for workers to know all of the ways to protect themselves from injury and to implement those ways so as to ensure that they at least survive to the next day. Fortunately these ways are easy enough to implement.

For the manual laborer who is forced to work in inclement weather being prepared is extremely important. If the weather is cold, then wearing a set of thermal underwear can be a glorious thing, and having a hat is always a good start. A Thermos bottle full of warm tea is not a bad idea either as it can be used to keep a body warm. During hot weather it is best to wear layered clothing so that layers may be removed for the person’s personal comfort. To deal with wet weather a thick coat is a good addition to the ensemble as well as some galoshes.

There is some basic safety gear that ever manual laborer should have. A pair of gloves is pretty obvious as they can deal with almost any problem that the laborer can encounter from bushes to wires to difficult to deal with tools. They are also great for dealing with tools that have become too hot to handle. A flask should always be part of the kit as it can contain water to keep the person hydrated throughout the day. A good multi-tool is another good addition as it can help deal with basic repair issues in the field as well as a wide variety of other problems.

If heavy machinery is involved, there are some even more basic precautions that can be taken. For those outside the vehicle it can be a good thing to keep track of where the vehicle is at all times; it is even better if those around the vehicle develop an instinctive sense of where it is. Obviously this applies to all vehicles on the work site. The vehicle should also be properly maintained in order to keep it running properly and safely at all times. The person inside the vehicle should be trained to handle the vehicle under any situation, including the signs of when it is under too much strain.

In short, those involved in manual labour need to be aware of their environment at all times and should take a pro-active stance when dealing with that environment. This means that the person should be in clothes that are appropriate to the weather with the equipment and training to make sure that they can handle anything that happens on the work site. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when the person paying the pound is you.

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