Keeping Safe While Doing Manual Labour

For those who toil in manual labour, the biggest problem is making sure that you survive the day in one piece. You are either working with some huge machines that are capable of death or great personal injury or working in conditions that are not always entirely copacetic to a generally pleasant afternoon. Thus it is important for workers to know all of the ways to protect themselves from injury and to implement those ways so as to ensure that they at least survive to the next day. Fortunately these ways are easy enough to implement.

For the manual laborer who is forced to work in inclement weather being prepared is extremely important. If the weather is cold, then wearing a set of thermal underwear can be a glorious thing, and having a hat is always a good start. A Thermos bottle full of warm tea is not a bad idea either as it can be used to keep a body warm. During hot weather it is best to wear layered clothing so that layers may be removed for the person’s personal comfort. To deal with wet weather a thick coat is a good addition to the ensemble as well as some galoshes.

There is some basic safety gear that ever manual laborer should have. A pair of gloves is pretty obvious as they can deal with almost any problem that the laborer can encounter from bushes to wires to difficult to deal with tools. They are also great for dealing with tools that have become too hot to handle. A flask should always be part of the kit as it can contain water to keep the person hydrated throughout the day. A good multi-tool is another good addition as it can help deal with basic repair issues in the field as well as a wide variety of other problems.

If heavy machinery is involved, there are some even more basic precautions that can be taken. For those outside the vehicle it can be a good thing to keep track of where the vehicle is at all times; it is even better if those around the vehicle develop an instinctive sense of where it is. Obviously this applies to all vehicles on the work site. The vehicle should also be properly maintained in order to keep it running properly and safely at all times. The person inside the vehicle should be trained to handle the vehicle under any situation, including the signs of when it is under too much strain.

In short, those involved in manual labour need to be aware of their environment at all times and should take a pro-active stance when dealing with that environment. This means that the person should be in clothes that are appropriate to the weather with the equipment and training to make sure that they can handle anything that happens on the work site. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when the person paying the pound is you.

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Making Your Renovations Show Your Personality

Renovations Show Your PersonalityIf you’re looking to do some renovations in your home or even self-storage Winnipeg unit, you may be trying to figure out the best way to go about it. If you’re an architect tasked with renovating a customers home, or a commercial painter,  a good CRM can probably help you better understand what your customers needs and aesthetic tastes are. How can you make sure that the changes you are making in your home reflect your personality? Here are some tips that you can use in order to help your renovations and your personality match.

Quick Tips

– Make your intimate places, your intimate places. If you’re renovating your bedroom, make sure that it reflects you and your personality in the process, also to keep it intimate make sure to get your windows tinted to some degree to keep out peeping toms. If you’re renovating your master bathroom, then splurge a little and get the bathtub or shower that you really wanted to get.

– Get creative with your space. In some homes, you’re going to notice that space is at a premium. Because of that, you may want to think of new and interesting ways to use the space that you have. Consider roll out items or futons instead of couches, or consider using multiple “levels” to save furniture space.

– Don’t be afraid to be creative with your renovations. There are so many different things that you can do while you’re renovating your home, and if you’re too worried about what other people will think, you may not be happy with the results that you get from your renovations. Try some things out – you can always change it later if you decide that you don’t like them!

– Allow your children to be part of their bedroom renovations. Even if it’s just allowing them to help them screw the doorknob on or letting them pick out what color carpet that you would like them to put on the floor of their room. Then, they will feel like the home is a lot more “theirs” as well during the process.

These aren’t the only quick tips that you can use either. Your home is your castle, and it should reflect what you and your family are like and what you enjoy as a family. The only restriction that you have is your mind – well, and the space that you’re able to put your items in.

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Going Green

Going GreenOne major trend that has been seen in 2013 and 2014 is that more and more homes are going green and becoming more economical. In fact, the number of new homes with an emphasis on becoming green has doubled. Part of this is due to people’s concern for the environment, while another part of it is due to new regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency, which has mandated triple-glazed windows, along with cannabis workplace training. Let’s take a look at some other changes that are taking place:

• Recent Changes

– Since production of incandescent light bulbs ended in the beginning of 2014, new homebuilders have been forced to turn to alternative means of lighting. Once such example is LED lights. LED lights are actually cheaper and can illuminate an entire room without large lights on the ceiling or lamps.

– Another move towards going green is to change the water heaters in the home to make them more efficient. Many changes for energy efficiency have been made to save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year on water heating.

– In fact, homes that are more energy efficient and green are actually cheaper and simpler to build. This is because energy efficient homes are easier to execute than homes with renewable energy, and due to the more inexpensive homes being built as a result, power companies will be able to monitor energy in the homes and give rebates to homeowners who use up less energy.

– The increased number of more affordable and eco-conscious homes has led to great rewards in terms of both treating the environment well and saving money for homeowners. New homeowners are making more practical choices like installing tile that’s made out of recycled materials, or choosing wood floors that are made out of formaldehyde. The most recent Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design specifications give points to homeowners who reveal what the materials in their homes are made out of. All in all, what we are seeing in new homes is something that we could have only dreamed about decades ago.

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How green can your remodeling or new construction go?

If you are running a LEEDS project then you are already up to date on the latest innovations and products for creating a green project. If your project isn’t LEEDS, such as smaller commercial ventures or residential remodeling, there are still some important ways that you can keep it green. Green is about more than being environmentally responsible, it can be a huge selling point for a property as it the long term maintenance is often far more economical then with traditional building products. The initial outlay may seem more expensive, but it pays to be green in the long run.

Go green with the project organization

Take a page from the pros and look at your plans for organizing your project for where you can first implement your greening effect. You need to look at the cost of transporting items, staging and access to create a project path with the least amount of impact on the environment. Pay close attention to ventilation options for generators, washout procedures and more to work to keep your site in line with the latest environmental regulations, and to help preserve good community relations as well.

Greening the materials

green-constructionNext, you can choose materials that are made from recycled or re-purposed materials, products that are designed to last longer than traditional building products, and new building products made from innovations in plastics or metal that can save on wood. You should look to the packaging of consumables in your job as well. It can be worth it to make the call to switch to plastic tubs for brads rather than smaller boxes. That small change can make a big difference. Anywhere you can recycle, reclaim or just plain avoid generating waste is an area that you can now claim as green. One of the side benefits of supplying your materials and consumables with green products is it will radically reduce your disposal fees for waste during construction or remodeling.

Greening the structure life

Lastly, look to how you can incorporate structural elements that serve to prolong the life of the building and/or lessen its environmental impact. Water systems that recycle black water, solar panels with storage capacities and so on are all viable options.

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Pluses and minuses of leach field systems

leaching fieldAnytime you are planning an expansion, new construction or adding an addition to an existing structure the septic system design is going to be one area where you begin to sweat. It isn’t so much about cost between tying into a system versus having an independent system, but you have to navigate local, state and federal regulations. With the drive on to be as green as possible, leach fields are becoming a subject of much discussion. Here are a few things to think about when considering home automation solutions like this.

Leach fields may not be allowed in your area

You may be looking at a large enough plat and distance from ground water to warrant a leach field under the standard codes, but your municipality may be one that prohibits their use. While some people will argue that a leach field is greener than a city sewer system, many places err on the side of caution when it comes to health concerns. It pays to check on the local, state and federal level what the requirements are to put in a leach field. Some will prohibit them, but only by occupancy rules. Others allow them, but you have to prove a need for not paying to tie into the sewer system they manage.

Choosing the leach field design

Leach fields aren’t as simple as a slanted field in the ground, there are multiple stages included in their design. They have to have catching points to filter out non-biodegradable waste. Those catching points have to be accessible to you for maintenance and to empty on a regular schedule. Some of the best designs use a staged channel layout. The waste passes through several catch points and feeds out into a multi channeled field so you don’t have one point of deposit.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a leach field

According to safety equipment experts, Leach fields may be less costly to install at the outset, but they come with a higher maintenance cost over the long run compared to some city sewer systems. On the other hand, leach fields won’t suffer some of the issues a city system will face. When making your choice go by the regulation allowance first, and then calculate how much time and money you have to maintain the field over the long run.

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Dig safe or don’t dig at all

There was a lot more about the Dig Safe program and its equivalents in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The necessity for the program hasn’t diminished, but many people are unaware of it since marketing of the program has fallen off. Dig Safe is an alert number you can call before you dig for your construction project to have the public utilities come out and mark the lines for their pipes and wires. It isn’t just meant for commercial projects, but residential ones too so before letting your home renovation contractors dig up the backyard make sure to call first. As more residential areas are switching to underground utilities, knowing where they are can prevent service disruption, injury and penalty fines.

How does it work?

Dig Safe is easy. Look up the number for the zip code or city that you are going to do your project in and call toll free. A Dig Safe representative will take down your information and schedule a survey visit. The survey will then mark the general locations of water, gas, sewer and other underground utilities so you can avoid them. Dig Safe is designed to make excavating safer, but it can also serve another very important service.

Efficient tie-in

Tip: Get landscaping and lawn care experts. The Green Haircut is your best bet for Lawn Care Winnipeg. Contact for yard care. If your project involves tying in to the city or town lines, then Dig Safe can be the key element to making sure that you aren’t wasting your time. Often the plans you can get that detail the locations of utilities don’t include the addendum for relocation and repair changes. Dig Safe can put you in contact with the most recent information about the location, type and size of the utility feature you need. This can save you a great deal of time in fine excavation as they can pinpoint the utilities within 5 feet of their location. It also will prevent you from breaking into a utility that you are not looking to connect. This has become even more important today as many of the cable networks are now run underground and don ‘t tie in from poles. You should always contact the local cable providers for a location grid of their utility as well.

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